Greetings! Our article pages will give you a more in depth look at what, when, where, and how the transport industry works. The transportation of heavy equipment, vehicles, watercraft, and freight is a very straight forward process. How it works for those not experienced or familiar with the transport industry is that one will do a search for transport companies. The articles on this site will explain the in and outs of the business from the transport search, contact, arrangements, to pickup and delivery.

About 99% of the time a search result will show transport brokers and some transport companies. As of now the thought of dealing directly with the truck driver is very unlikely. The main reason is that the probability of one truck being in the right place at the right time is very difficult to orchestrate. It is for that main reason that transport brokers exist. A transport broker or transport dispatcher has an online internet base of hundreds to thousands of trucks that are constantly looking for freight along their transport routes. A transport broker will post your vehicle, equipment, or freight on a online load board where transport trucks view it and can call on loads matching their needs.

Until now there has never been a means for the general public to directly post transport jobs to the truck drivers that move freight, equipment, and vehicles daily. There is only one site that comes close to allowing the public to communicate to the actual truck drivers however the costs for the service end up costing the same as using a transport broker. On top of that you do not get customer support that a broker can offer and there is a communication barrier that delays the whole process which should take 1-3 days to arrange and 1-7 days from pickup to delivery depending on the distance of transport.

All of the articles on this site will give you tips and information on how things work in the transport industry. Now that the power is in your hands to deal directly with the transport truck you will know all everything that is needed to have a problem free move.

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