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When you need to ship a car the first place you might look is on the internet.  Today the internet is the most used method in finding auto transport and car shipping service providers. The most popular method is to search major search engines such as google, yahoo, bing, etc. When you enter the keywords “auto transport”, “car shipping”, “auto shipping”, “vehicle transport” the majority of the search results will be all auto transport brokers. Most of these transport brokers do not own any transport trucks. Auto Transport Brokers simply connect the general public to the actual transport company that will be picking up and delivering the vehicles.

Once a transport broker secures your business, they will request a deposit. The transport deposit is the brokers fee for arranging your vehicle transport and the balance goes to the transport carrier. Sometimes the broker will post your vehicle transport job on a private nationwide transport load board. Load boards are viewed by many auto transport carriers that are arranging trips and route throughout North America. Auto Transporter Carriers will contact brokers on transport jobs that match their transport route. If the load is available the auto transport broker will assign the job and give them all the information on the car such as  make, model, color, destination and origin address and contact info. Once the transporter accepts the job/price and picks up the vehicle, the broker will partially track the vehicle until it reaches the destination. When the vehicle is 24-48 hours away from the drop off point, the transport truck will call the receiving party to inform them of the vehicles arrival. When the vehicle reaches its destination, a cash on delivery (COD) payment will be given to the truck driver/transport company. Different payment arrangements may be made such as pre paid, or check on delivery. However, most auto brokers and truck drivers prefer COD. The deposit that was given initially is the broker’s fee and the COD is the payment for the transport company. That is a general summary of how a typical auto transport works from start to finish. This system has been going on for many years.

The best thing would be for you the shipper to have direct access to the same carriers that the auto brokers have access to. This allows you to save $50 – $150+ by dealing directly with the transporter that will be moving your automobile.

2 comments on ““Auto Transport”
  1. roger says:

    how do you find the actual transporters instead of the brokers

  2. admin says:

    We have a network of trucks that share transport jobs. If my truck can not handle a job then the next closet truck will handle the transport job.

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