Auto Transport?

Any mode of transporting a vehicle via truck, train, or ship.

Do you offer transport services in all the states?

Yes, we offer auto, heavy equipment, boat, and motorcycle transport to all of North America including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. We also provide export services to any US port of departure.

What is a P.O.V. ?

Personally owned vehicle


Inop is a term used by vehicle transporters. Inop means inoperative / inoperable vehicle. A Inop vehicle is any vehicle that is unable to run and drive under it’s own power. If it cannot start and drive onto a trailer it is an INOP.

How do I pay for transport?

There is a couple ways to pay for transport services however it will depend on how the transport truck prefers payment. Transport fees can be payed in full using any major credit card or paypal account. The best and preferred way to pay for transport is a deposit by credit card before vehicle transport and the balance of total transport cost payed at delivery in the form of cash or cashiers check. The last way is to pay the full amount on delivery also called a C.O.D. If paying using personal checks you will need to let the transporter know ahead of time.

Will my vehicle be insured during transport?

Yes, all carriers that transport vehicles and any type of freight or commodity are fully insured. Do not let anyone tell you that there is a possibility a truck does not have insurance. The only instance that you may need to ask for proof of insurance is if the vehicle or freight being transported is of significant value. All carriers insurance policies have limits and in the unlikely event that a high price vehicle or freight is damaged the cost of replacement may exceed the policy limit. As mentioned this is a highly unlikely scenario as most transporters of exotic vehicles already carry sufficient coverage.

What is a broker?

Auto Transport brokers connect you with transport trucks or other shipping services. They rely on their fast knowledge of the transport industry to provide the best service.

What is a carrier?

The carrier is the actual transport truck or transport company that handles the physical transport of vehicles, freight, or any commodities.

When will my vehicle be picked up?

A general rule is that all vehicles will be picked up within 1-7 days from confirmation. However it will all depend on the specific transport job. You will be notified if your vehicle requires extra time for pick up.

How long does auto shipping take?

Many factors will determine how long transport of your vehicle will take. The route, origin location, destination location, type of vehicle, condition of vehicle, time of year (season) all play factors.

What type of truck/trailer will transport my car?

Most automobiles can be transported on all car carriers. The biggest car carriers can hold 10 cars fully loaded and the smallest carrier can hold 2 cars. Trailers that hold over 4 cars have two deck levels. Car Carrier trailers can also be enclosed meaning vehicles are not exposed to the outside environment. For the most part 98% of all vehicles are transported on open car carriers. Enclosed carriers are usually used for valuable and specialized vehicles.

What type of truck/trailer will transport my boat? 

The truck that will transport your boat or watercraft will depend on whether your boat is on a trailer or not.

What type of truck/trailer will transport my motorcycle?

Most motorcycle, ATV, and UTV’s are transported on trailers similar to car carriers. You can request open transport if your toy does not need extra protect or you can opt for enclosed transport. Some carriers do provide crate shipping services in which a custom crate will be made to secure the motorcycle during transport.

What is open transport?

Open trailer transport is the transportation of your vehicle on an open trailer. Most car carrier trailers have 2 deck levels with vehicles loaded on the top and bottom. The trailer has a hydraulic system that can adjust the deck levels to position cars for better loading.

What is enclosed transport?

Enclosed transport trailers are essentially open car trailers that are fully enclosed by metal, canvas material, or fiberglass enclosure. Enclosed carriers transport high value vehicles that cannot risk being damaged by any foreign objects while in transport. Enclosed trailers can also load low ground clearance vehicles such as exotic cars and race cars.

What is a wedge style trailer?

A wedge style trailer is shaped exactly like it’s name. The wedge style trailer is a single level trailer that can hold up to 4 vehicles. Some people prefer this type of trailer because it does not have vehicles loaded above other cars. Sometimes on double deck trailers fluids can leak out of vehicles on the top level and fall on the vehicles below. Also wedge style trailers have very simple loading so the risk of damage during loading is greatly decreased. Since these carriers only hold up to 4 cars the transport cost is a little higher that 2 level carriers.

Who’s insurance covers my vehicle during transport?

Many brokers will say that they are fully insured , but the truth is that the transport truck carries the insurance. Auto Transport Brokers / Auto Shippers are only required to have a $10,000 surety bond to operate by law in North America. The transport truck also called carrier can have between 250,000 to 1 million dollar liability insurance. In the event that any damages occur to your vehicle during transport the carriers insurance will cover the damages.

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